英国発 POSH

Luxury tailor-made dog cloth, collar, leash and posh dog goods
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Exclusive designs. Limited Editions. Hand tailored. Fashion for Fashionable dogs.

POSH was launched to produce a small range of high quality dog clothes, leads and collars and other accessories.  

Working with luxury clothing designers from London, NY and Tokyo, and artisan dressmakers and tailors, we are able to bring a range of unique clothes.  In many cases, where our designers have used vintage fabrics, no two pieces are identical - just like our furry friends. 


        mail: info@poshdog.net

NEW " POSH " dog store in Singapore

 More than a pet store....
                    for furry friends and the people who love them very much.

      医療現場で使われてるアロマのクラス  赤ちゃんから妊婦さんまで / ペット用